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The "World Traveler" from the Snow Beer brand is a true legend of the beer market in the Middle Kingdom: the best-selling beer not only in China, but also in the world, has been surpassing Bud and Heineken in terms of consumption for many years.

"Traveler" was awarded the honorary title of the leader of the top ten brands of Chinese beer. Millions of fans appreciate it for its taste - bright, sparkling, giving a sense of pleasure, with a mild intoxicating effect. The brand's character is infinite energy, identity, excitement and incredible travel.
Unforgettable taste
The World Traveler has a pleasant, slightly bitter taste and clean aroma of hops and malt. It is customary to drink it chilled from glasses. The drink leaves a long, mild aftertaste.

The beer has a golden color and a snow-white smooth foam like snow. The drink has a low alcohol content - 5%. In its manufacture, bottom fermentation is used, followed by fermentation at a low temperature.
and malt;
Alcohol content 5%
A brand for everyone
The World Traveler perfectly complements both cozy home evenings and noisy parties. On a summer day, chilled beer is ideal for refreshing, and on winter evenings it creates an unforgettable atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Beer is produced on the basis of the purest Tibetan waters on modern European equipment. A tribute to tradition and a modern approach is what distinguishes the brand and makes it unique in the global market.
The beer is presented in two formats:
0,58 L
0,5 L
Glass bottle
"World traveler"
Unique brand for distribution
outside of China
Special taste
Rich brand history
About the manufacturer: Huarun Snow Beer
The World Traveler's manufacturer is Huarun Snow Beer Professional Brewing Company Co., Ltd, founded in 1994 in China. It includes 98 breweries that produce Snow beer and more than 30 regional brands in 25 provinces of the country. The company uses the most advanced brewing technology.

According to analytical agencies, Snow Beer has become the fastest growing company in China and the producer of the most valuable beer. In 2018, Huarun Snow Beer was ranked 252 in the Fortune Global * 500 list of the world's largest companies with revenues of 297.32 billion yuan.
98 breweries
Fortune Global 252 *
* Rating of the 500 most successful global companies in terms of revenue
Snow Beer factories in China
World famous Snow Beer
For twelve years Snow Beer has been ranked first in the TOP 10 best-selling beer brands in the world.

The Snow Beer share is 5.4%, ahead of such well-known brands as Heineken (Netherlands), Bud Light and Budweiser (USA).
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